At Home with Natural Born Wine

26 April 2017 | South-east London | 4 wines | Nibbles | £17

The first in a series of 'At Home with Natural Born Wine' tastings, we took London's tastebuds and imaginations to where it all started in the organic wine movement: France.

Twenty-three people stepped into Natural Born Wine HQ in Denmark Hill, south-east London, for a chilled out evening of biodynamic and natural wines from the land of cheese, baguette and saucisson (we served a bit of that too thanks to our friends at Borough Cheese Company, The Hill Bakery & Deli, and The French Comté). There were tales from the vineyards, as always, and the best French playlist this side of Bastille. Le Cool London came. A couple of French people debated the upcoming election in one corner. A puppy appeared at 10pm. People found their raison d'être (and some amazing bargains with 10% off all bottles)...

Merci d'être venu nos amis!