A pop-up Italian natural wine bar & bottle shop (& birthday party!)

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th October 2017 | South-east London | 5pm-10.30pm

Address: Natural Born Wine HQ, 7 Canning Cross, London SE5 8BH
(a 3 minute walk from Denmark Hill station)

Pre-dinner snacks. Dramatic hand gestures. Fellini. Gelato... The reasons to love Italy are many and delizioso

For our first birthday, we're transporting your taste buds to where it all started for us at Natural Born Wine. Italy was where our fascination with natural and biodynamic wine was born and it's where we keep coming back to as importers - not just for the heavenly herbaceous reds and succulent oceanic whites - but for the visionary natural winemakers there, who somehow make low-intervention farming look stylish.

Join us at Natural Born Wine HQ (a converted stable, with its own grapevine) as we celebrate these men and women, not to mention our little business surviving one whole year! On the menu we'll have more Italy than you can shake a sangiovese at, including the dolce vita of trebbianos, a pinot grigio unlike any you've seen before and a natural sparkling wine that tastes kind of like snow.

Cin cin!

By the glass | By the bottle | To drink in or take away | Cash or card.

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